Innovation: AccuPower AccuLoop - with very low self-discharge
The new NiMH+ AccuPower AccuLoop rechargeable battery will be delivered almost full charged.
AccuLoop ALSX - AccuPower Self-Discharge X-tension
Ready to use = comes pre-charged
AL10000 very low self-discharge (approx. 2% per month)
Suitable for nearly all battery applications
Very high performance up to 8500mAh minimum

Technical details
Manufacturer: AccuPower
MPN: AL10000-2
EAN/UPC: 9120004642202
Type: NiMH
Voltage: 1.2 Volt
Capacity: 85000 mAh minimum
Size: Mono / D / LR20
Package size: 2 Retail Package

AccuLoop AL10000-2 NiMH D size Rechargeable Batteries Precharged

  • Brand: AccuPower
  • Product Code: AL10000-2
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  • $19.97