DC2BT Battery Charger Analyzer

This is the 2 slot charger that can do everything. 
Test that cell for capacity and refresh it before use so you know the performance you will get from it.
It can charge, discharge and test capacity of NiMN/NiCd, Li-ion 3.6V nominal 4.2V max, 3.7V nominal 4.35V max, LiFePO4 3.6V cells. 
Functions include Charge, Discharge, Test Capacity, Set for Storage. 
Charge current 200 to 1000 mA in 100mA increments (single Li-ion cell 2000mA max). 
It also tests and displays Internal Resistance. 
All functions are programmed with a single button for each channel. 
Two independent channels programmed individually. 

Charge: Charges cell.
Discharge: Discharges.
Cap Test: Performs capacity test on cell. 
Storage: Charges cell to storage voltage.

Battery voltage setting with corresponding battery chemistry.
2.75-4.2V Li-ion cell.
2.5-4.2V Li-ion cell minimum low cutoff.
2.0-3.6V LiFePO4 cell.
2.75-4.35 high voltage Li-ion cell.
3.75/1.35V storage setting for Li-ion and NiMH cell.
1.2V/NiMH standard NiMH cell.

Cell size up to 26mm diameter and 79mm length.
This includes all popular size of NiMH, AAA AA  Sub-C and C.
Li-ion sizes 26650, 18650, 21700, etc.

Powered by USB-C input. Will work with any USB-C that can provide 2.0A minimum.
That means you can take it with you almost anywhere for portable use. 
Supplied with USB 2.0A wall adapter and USB-C cable.

Length 140mm
Width 75mm
High 42mm

Delivery Contents
Battery Charger DC2BT  1pc
USB Power Adapter 1pc
USB-C Power Cable  1pc
Operation Instructions 1pc

DC2BT Battery Charger Analyzer NiMH/NiCd Li-ion LiFePO4

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