Charge Test Analyze 9V PP3 Li-ion 8.4V Batteries

The Li-ion 9V charger you have been waiting for. Easy to setup and use. Easy to read backlit display. Flexibility to setup all channels at once, or to program any channel with any function. Charge them, Discharge them, Refresh them, Test them. Even internal resistance. This charger does it all with ease. Once you use this charger you will wonder why it took so long to get here, makes other 9V chargers obsolete. Works with all Li-ion 8.4V rechargeable batteries.


* Charge 9V (8.4V max) PP3 size Li-ion rechargeable batteries.
* Four indepentent channels can be programmed as group or individually.
* Charge, condition and analyze one to four 9V PP3 size batteries.
* Charge, Discharge and Analyze batteries.
* Test internal resistance.
* Easy to read large Backlit LCD display.
* Digitally displays capacity, voltage, time elapsed and current.
* Adjustable charging rate from 50 to 200 mA each battery.
* Four modes of operation:
  o Charge:
  o Discharge:
  o Charge Test:
  o Quick Test:
* Li-ion CC/CV (Constant Current - Constant Voltage) charge protocol.
* Worldwide voltage switching power supply.


Operating voltage 12Vdc.
Adapter Power Supply input: 100 - 240 VAC, 50 -60 Hz.
Adatper Power Supply output: 12Vdc 1.0A.
Charge current: maximum 200 mA each battery,
Discharge current range up to 200 mA.
Maximum Charging Capacity 2,000 mAh
Operating Temperature: 0 to 40 deg C

BT-C84 Charger
Wall Adapter Power Supply US Plug
Operating Manual

9V Battery Charger Tester Analyzer Li-ion Rechargeable 8.4V PP3 size Opus BT-C84

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